HostPapa Hosting Has a Soft Heart for Children in South Africa

Earth Day in April, 2011 was a little greener for some children in South Africa, Haiti and North America because of the donation made by HostPapa Hosting of 10,000 trees.  This celebration of green was the end of an awareness campaign that this Ontario, Canada based web hosting company partnered with another entity called to achieve something special.

Sylvain Patry, Senior Vice President of Business Development for HostPapa, Inc. said that they did this as a way to encourage their customers and their friends and family to plant 10,000 trees with the assistance of Love Trees.  It looks like it came off the way that they planned it.  They were very happy that they were able to reach their goal and were excited that the donation was made in the name of everyone who participated.

For their part in the festivities it needs to be made known that Love Trees is an educational program for children that plants trees around the world.  They spend the time to make sure that children understand their role in the environment so that they can become active stewards of the planet.

For HostPapa’s part, for everyone that went onto their Facebook page and clicked the ‘like’ button, they donated a tree, so 10,000 likes turned into 10,000 trees.  That many ‘likes’ did not take more than a month or so.

This is not really the only kind of green thing that HostPapa hosting does.  They have been judged as the greenest hosting company by many review sites and they have been in the forefront of the green movement when it comes to web hosting companies.  They have reduced their carbon footprint by neutralizing all the energy they use with solar and wind generated power to make the statement that they are an environmentally friendly hosting alternative for those who really want to make a statement of that kind in their own web business.  The added costs of everything that they do for the environment are not passed onto the customer because HostPapa hosting is just that way.

Patry said that they will always be on the lookout for ways to give back to the community and the earth.  She mentioned that this is only one of the many ways they are doing it and that they, individually, and corporately have given to many causes and will continue to do so in the future.

HostPapa hosting does its best to give the best service in the web hosting industry.  It provides a very easy to use cPanel platform that has the programs and controls to help all of their customers get to the top of their niche and stay there.  The PHP and CGI scripts that are included are the things that really bring out the best in the web sites that are produced by professionals and amateurs alike.  The list of services available from this green company is just like the trees that they give away.  There are so many of them that you don’t know where to begin and they are growing all the time.  Take a good look at this hosting company and you will not be disappointed.

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