HostPapa Has Been Green for Quite Some Time and It Shows

Two things have happened in April of 2011 that shows that HostPapa is serious about the planet.  They have been judged as the greenest web hosting company around but now they can point to a lot more other things than what they have been doing for many years already.  They have donated 10.000 trees to children in South Africa, Haiti and North America and they have taken up the cause against the killing of elephants.

This all came about when a video of the CEO of one of their competitors killing an elephant on a sponsored hunt in Africa.  HostPapa did not like the idea and put their money where their mouth is by making sure that anyone who wanted to leave that particular hosting company could change to HostPapa hosting and by using the appropriate coupon code, they would get a free domain name (which already comes with the package) but also receive 3 free months of hosting.   HostPapa hosting would also donate $5.00 to the charity Save The Elephants.

HostPapa is already 100% Green Energy Certified and at the same time voted one of the top web hosting companies around.  They provide the best web service that can be had anywhere and they have neutralized all of the power they use through the purchase of solar and wind generated energy.

The listing of services, scripts and programs they provide will look like the list from many other hosting companies. However, they add a little to it.  They want to be able to welcome you as a member of the family and treat you the way you want to be treated.  They do this through a customer service department that is truly 24/7/365 and they have people that actually know what they are talking about.

Some of the services are:

  • MySQL databases: (100)
  • Fantastico:  Suite of scripts and programs to really make your web pages work.
  • Perl:  (CGI and Library)
  • Password Protected Directories
  • E-Commerce Tools: Allow you to put up a full catalog with shopping cart and SSL security.
  • Webilizer:  Web site statistics.
  • Flash
  • MIDI File Support
  • cPanel:  This is the easy to use platform that is the most popular one in the industry.  Easy access to file manager, domain manager, account statistics, access logs, both raw and statistical, multiple FTP accounts and everything else that is available is accessed through this portal.
  • Telephone Support
  • E-mail Support
  • Live Chat
  • Videos: All that you need to know what something is and how you use it.

That list does even mention the unlimited disc space and the unlimited domains and sub-domains that make your choice so very much easier. HostPapa also offers a free domain for life just for signing up.  The costs involved are very reasonable as well.  The basic package can be as low as $3.95 per month, which is the same price you will find for BlueHost at Coupon Reporter,  and that is because they do not take the extra costs for the green energy into account when they set up the price.  They do not want that extra costs passed off to you.  That is a very good deal, indeed.

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