22 Reasons That HostPapa Hosting Is the Hosting Company for You

The search for a good hosting company has everyone looking through all the reviews and trying to decide which one is the best one for them.  Do you need this feature?  Do you need that particular one?  What do you do?  Many of the hosting companies have many of the same features so you need to look at some of the intangibles. However, you still need to know what each one offers to make an educated choice.  HostPapa hosting is a relatively new company and has been identified as the Green Energy Certified company to look at for the best price and the environmental pick for sustainable energy usage.

22 Reasons and some bonus thoughts:

  1. Unlimited Disc Space:  With their high performance servers 1500 Gb.
  2. Unlimited Bandwidth:  This will keep everything running smoothly and fast.
  3. Free Set Up:  A $29.95 value.
  4. Unlimited Domains:  Bring them all.
  5. Unlimited Sub Domains:  This gets the economy back into your economy.
  6. ONE Free Domain:  This can save from $24.00 per year to ???
  7. 100 MySQL Databases:   This helps with all of those scripts that you will use.
  8. Website Builder:  Sohobuilder, very powerful and easy to use.
  9. Free Templates:  Get the right one that will put you on top.
  10. $25.00 Google Adwords Credit:  Get on the most popular search engine results pages.
  11. $25.00 Yahoo PPC Credits:  Yahoo is the 2nd most popular search engine.
  12. cPanel:  This is the control panel that puts everything all together in one place.
  13. Linux Operating System:  The most popular operating system for website building and management.
  14. Fantastico:  This suite of scripts and programs will allow the inclusion of some of the best state of the art scripts.
  15. Raw Log Access:  Take a look at your visitors and know what is happening on your pages.
  16. Statistics Offered:  Find out where they came from and how long they stay and what you can do to change the ones that don’t look as good as they should
  17. FrontPage Extensions:  Part of the many page builders and web tools management systems.
  18. Dreamweaver Support:  Use this very popular web page builder and integrate it into your program of pages and programs.
  19. PHP Access:  PHP scripts allow so many neat gadgets and applications that make your pages really look and feel so interactive that you will be on top of your niche easily.
  20. CGI Access:  Many of the best applications are run with CGI scripting.  You will need this before too long.
  21. Telephone Support
  22. E-mail support

These are just a few of the many features and services that are offered by HostPapa hosting in their basic service plan.  When you combine all of this with the fact that they are 100% Green Energy Certified and they are located in Ontario, Canada, you just have no reason to look anywhere else for your hosting needs.  The vast majority of all hosting companies are going to be getting on the band wagon for green energy one of these days, so you can be in the lead with HostPapa hosting.

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