HostPapa Has Been Green for Quite Some Time and It Shows

Two things have happened in April of 2011 that shows that HostPapa is serious about the planet.  They have been judged as the greenest web hosting company around but now they can point to a lot more other things than what they have been doing for many years already.  They have donated 10.000 trees to children in South Africa, Haiti and North America and they have taken up the cause against the killing of elephants.

This all came about when a video of the CEO of one of their competitors killing an elephant on a sponsored hunt in Africa.  HostPapa did not like the idea and put their money where their mouth is by making sure that anyone who wanted to leave that particular hosting company could change to HostPapa hosting and by using the appropriate coupon code, they would get a free domain name (which already comes with the package) but also receive 3 free months of hosting.   HostPapa hosting would also donate $5.00 to the charity Save The Elephants.

HostPapa is already 100% Green Energy Certified and at the same time voted one of the top web hosting companies around.  They provide the best web service that can be had anywhere and they have neutralized all of the power they use through the purchase of solar and wind generated energy.

The listing of services, scripts and programs they provide will look like the list from many other hosting companies. However, they add a little to it.  They want to be able to welcome you as a member of the family and treat you the way you want to be treated.  They do this through a customer service department that is truly 24/7/365 and they have people that actually know what they are talking about.

Some of the services are:

  • MySQL databases: (100)
  • Fantastico:  Suite of scripts and programs to really make your web pages work.
  • Perl:  (CGI and Library)
  • Password Protected Directories
  • E-Commerce Tools: Allow you to put up a full catalog with shopping cart and SSL security.
  • Webilizer:  Web site statistics.
  • Flash
  • MIDI File Support
  • cPanel:  This is the easy to use platform that is the most popular one in the industry.  Easy access to file manager, domain manager, account statistics, access logs, both raw and statistical, multiple FTP accounts and everything else that is available is accessed through this portal.
  • Telephone Support
  • E-mail Support
  • Live Chat
  • Videos: All that you need to know what something is and how you use it.

That list does even mention the unlimited disc space and the unlimited domains and sub-domains that make your choice so very much easier. HostPapa also offers a free domain for life just for signing up.  The costs involved are very reasonable as well.  The basic package can be as low as $3.95 per month, which is the same price you will find for BlueHost at Coupon Reporter,  and that is because they do not take the extra costs for the green energy into account when they set up the price.  They do not want that extra costs passed off to you.  That is a very good deal, indeed.

HostPapa Hosting Has a Soft Heart for Children in South Africa

Earth Day in April, 2011 was a little greener for some children in South Africa, Haiti and North America because of the donation made by HostPapa Hosting of 10,000 trees.  This celebration of green was the end of an awareness campaign that this Ontario, Canada based web hosting company partnered with another entity called to achieve something special.

Sylvain Patry, Senior Vice President of Business Development for HostPapa, Inc. said that they did this as a way to encourage their customers and their friends and family to plant 10,000 trees with the assistance of Love Trees.  It looks like it came off the way that they planned it.  They were very happy that they were able to reach their goal and were excited that the donation was made in the name of everyone who participated.

For their part in the festivities it needs to be made known that Love Trees is an educational program for children that plants trees around the world.  They spend the time to make sure that children understand their role in the environment so that they can become active stewards of the planet.

For HostPapa’s part, for everyone that went onto their Facebook page and clicked the ‘like’ button, they donated a tree, so 10,000 likes turned into 10,000 trees.  That many ‘likes’ did not take more than a month or so.

This is not really the only kind of green thing that HostPapa hosting does.  They have been judged as the greenest hosting company by many review sites and they have been in the forefront of the green movement when it comes to web hosting companies.  They have reduced their carbon footprint by neutralizing all the energy they use with solar and wind generated power to make the statement that they are an environmentally friendly hosting alternative for those who really want to make a statement of that kind in their own web business.  The added costs of everything that they do for the environment are not passed onto the customer because HostPapa hosting is just that way.

Patry said that they will always be on the lookout for ways to give back to the community and the earth.  She mentioned that this is only one of the many ways they are doing it and that they, individually, and corporately have given to many causes and will continue to do so in the future.

HostPapa hosting does its best to give the best service in the web hosting industry.  It provides a very easy to use cPanel platform that has the programs and controls to help all of their customers get to the top of their niche and stay there.  The PHP and CGI scripts that are included are the things that really bring out the best in the web sites that are produced by professionals and amateurs alike.  The list of services available from this green company is just like the trees that they give away.  There are so many of them that you don’t know where to begin and they are growing all the time.  Take a good look at this hosting company and you will not be disappointed.

22 Reasons That HostPapa Hosting Is the Hosting Company for You

The search for a good hosting company has everyone looking through all the reviews and trying to decide which one is the best one for them.  Do you need this feature?  Do you need that particular one?  What do you do?  Many of the hosting companies have many of the same features so you need to look at some of the intangibles. However, you still need to know what each one offers to make an educated choice.  HostPapa hosting is a relatively new company and has been identified as the Green Energy Certified company to look at for the best price and the environmental pick for sustainable energy usage.

22 Reasons and some bonus thoughts:

  1. Unlimited Disc Space:  With their high performance servers 1500 Gb.
  2. Unlimited Bandwidth:  This will keep everything running smoothly and fast.
  3. Free Set Up:  A $29.95 value.
  4. Unlimited Domains:  Bring them all.
  5. Unlimited Sub Domains:  This gets the economy back into your economy.
  6. ONE Free Domain:  This can save from $24.00 per year to ???
  7. 100 MySQL Databases:   This helps with all of those scripts that you will use.
  8. Website Builder:  Sohobuilder, very powerful and easy to use.
  9. Free Templates:  Get the right one that will put you on top.
  10. $25.00 Google Adwords Credit:  Get on the most popular search engine results pages.
  11. $25.00 Yahoo PPC Credits:  Yahoo is the 2nd most popular search engine.
  12. cPanel:  This is the control panel that puts everything all together in one place.
  13. Linux Operating System:  The most popular operating system for website building and management.
  14. Fantastico:  This suite of scripts and programs will allow the inclusion of some of the best state of the art scripts.
  15. Raw Log Access:  Take a look at your visitors and know what is happening on your pages.
  16. Statistics Offered:  Find out where they came from and how long they stay and what you can do to change the ones that don’t look as good as they should
  17. FrontPage Extensions:  Part of the many page builders and web tools management systems.
  18. Dreamweaver Support:  Use this very popular web page builder and integrate it into your program of pages and programs.
  19. PHP Access:  PHP scripts allow so many neat gadgets and applications that make your pages really look and feel so interactive that you will be on top of your niche easily.
  20. CGI Access:  Many of the best applications are run with CGI scripting.  You will need this before too long.
  21. Telephone Support
  22. E-mail support

These are just a few of the many features and services that are offered by HostPapa hosting in their basic service plan.  When you combine all of this with the fact that they are 100% Green Energy Certified and they are located in Ontario, Canada, you just have no reason to look anywhere else for your hosting needs.  The vast majority of all hosting companies are going to be getting on the band wagon for green energy one of these days, so you can be in the lead with HostPapa hosting.

Help HostPapa Hosting “Green-Up” the Hosting Industry

With the ever increasing desire for individuals and businesses to help make this planet a little bit greener, you can help to do that with the simple expedient of choosing HostPapa hosting for your web site hosting company.  You can turn your web activities into a green energy power house by using this 100% Green Energy Certified hosting as your main domain carrier.  This Ontario, Canada based company was in the forefront of the green movement on the World Wide Web.

When you do think about being an energy conscious business owner, HostPapa hosting just makes the most sense for you.  They not only use less energy to power their servers, phones, fax machines and desk lighting, they cut down on the all important CO2 footprint.  The solar and wind produced power that they procure for energy that they use is more environmentally neutral than anything else and they have decided that they are going to do the responsible thing.

Just because they are environmentally friendly doesn’t mean they are going to be passing that extra cost on to you or skimp on the features that they provide to those that want to do their green part and sign on for the very reasonable prices they charge.  Basic packages start at less than $5.00 per month for an entire list of very flexible and versatile applications and scripting languages to make your web site make it to the top of your niche and all the programs that will help you analyze everything for full control.  Some of the features available for your use are:

  1. Free Set Up  (valued at $29.95)
  2. Unlimited Domain Names
  3. Unlimited Disc Space and Bandwidth
  4. Free Site Builder

Not mentioned is the Fantastico suite of scripts, the availability of PHP and CGI scripts.  These are the scripts that are so important to get all the very fantastic things on your web pages that keep people on them to fill out the form with their e-mails. They also provide you with a very good opportunity to get a 30 day free trial and if you don’t like it, they will send your money back.

Again, that doesn’t give you the whole picture, yet none of that does any good unless you can get a hold of them when you have a problem.  That is also where they excel.  They have a tremendous customer service department that is available by e-mail, phone or live chat.  They are available 24/7/365.  They want to welcome you in as a member of the family and when they do that, they have to talk to you, right?

You might be looking for a new hosting company right now.  You might be in the market for a hosting company for the first time.  Either way, take a good look at HostPapa hosting.  24/7/365 assistance, all the features that you need and several that you will need later, all the storage space you will probably ever need, a lot of free applications and scripts that are very cool that you will just have to have them right now.  Why look any further?

One of the First 100% Green Hosting Companies: HostPapa

80% of the Greenhouse emissions result from the production of energy of all sorts and 50% of that energy consumption is accounted for by corporations.  HostPapa hosting saw that and just had to do something.  They initiated a program that would help these corporations get on board for green energy by making sure that their web hosting  are 100% Green Energy Certified.  That is taking a big bite out of the greenhouse gas controversy.  Since energy consumption is only going to be getting bigger every day, this type of a solution needs to be assessed more and more.

Here is what HostPapa does to provide that neutral footprint business plan.  HostPapa takes all their electrical energy from the traditional electrical sources and then, at the end of each month, a third party audits that usage and pays for an equal amount of solar and wind generated power to be placed back into the power grid.  This neutralizes their usage and essentially means that all of their electrical needs, be it for fax machines, phones, copiers, desk lamps, kitchens, servers and all other uses have a neutral footprint

And what do they do with all that power?  They offer a very balanced program of applications to help you create and host the very web sites that you need to produce the visitors that are needed for your business.  There are scripts that help you manage your e-mail campaigns and keep track of your visitors.  There is software that will assist you in building the web pages themselves and to also help you perform the necessary SEO on those same pages.

You can create blogs and forums and discussion boards that you can use to keep up with all the musings of your visitors and you have the ability to create very dynamic pages that have all the bells and whistles.

The prices for all of this very versatile web hosting can start for as low as $3.95 per month when you sign up for 3 or more years and they have stated that the extra money that they pay for the green energy sources will never be passed on to you.  That’s a good deal.  In addition to all that has been said above, there is also unlimited disc space and unlimited domain names.  You also get one domain name for life.  That is registration and hosting.  There is unlimited bandwidth which will give you the peace of mind when you have a couple of large web sites and a lot of visitors.  There are website tools and free set up and free sitebuilder software that is well worth the cost of the first 6 month service.  And there is a 30 day money back agreement.

There is also:

  • 99.9% up-time guarantee
  • Video tutorials for everything
  • Phone / chat support
  • E-mail support
  • cPanel
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Fantastico
  • B2Evolution software for blog

All of this is with a 100% Green Energy Certified company that treats everyone as a member of the family.  HostPapa hosting is worth looking into.

Why is HostPapa One of the Best Hosting Companies?

Industry reviewers are always coming up with different ways to decide what are the best this or the best that, so what are the things that these reviewers look at when they are comparing hosting companies and how does HostPapa hosting stack up to the rest?  The criteria that most of them use are:

  • Speed.  Since most of the hosting companies are shared server hosting firms, the number of servers available is a concern.  The smaller the number of servers, the more web sites each server has to host.  This will sometimes cause the web sites and blogs that you install to slow down.  This is not a good condition so the hosting companies are judged by the speed in which a test page that has been uploaded for this purpose, loads and operates when it is called on.  HostPapa hosting has some very good numbers in this regard.
  • Up-time or reliability.  There are hosting companies that do boast that they have up-time 99.99% of the time.  This is checked by very patient reviewers and they have found that a few of them do not hit this mark. However, because of the inevitable problems that always happens due to power fluctuations, transmitting errors and the infrequent things that just seem to go wrong that happens to us all.  HostPapa hosting is very high on the up-time scale.
  • Reputation.  The honest reviewers will look at all of the web hosting companies within the categories that they are dealing with, not just the most popular ones.    HostPapa hosting is relatively new to the industry. However, as an Ontario, Canada green company, they kind of fit into their own category.
  • Features.  Many hosting companies offer all kinds of things that you may not need.  That’s OK because you might need them some other time. However, are there the programs, applications and the scripts that you do need and are they fairly easy to use?  HostPapa hosting has all of the features that you need, such as cPanel, php scripts, CGI scripts.  You can easily set up blogs, forums and discussion boards.  The availability of the scripts that allow you to make your web pages the best in your niche are there, and yes there are some that you do not need yet.  The tutorial videos that are available will help you to know when it is time for some of these other very flexible apps.
  • Customer Support.  Yes, this is very tricky to evaluate, yet it must be done in some way.  It does depend on what customer service tech you get on the line and what time of day and also what the particular issue is. And, to a greater or lesser degree, how much you know about what you did and what you know about what you are trying to do.  Be honest.  HostPapa hosting has a very good record in having the best people on the phones or at the other end of an e-mail or forum thread so you can rest assured that they will assist you in the best way possible.

Why Should You Think Seriously About Using HostPapa Hosting?

There are many hosting companies out on the internet right now so why should you think about a relatively new company based in Ontario, Canada?  The answers are that the platforms that they use to get you on the internet, the price which starts at $3.95 for a 3 year plan, the fact that HostPapa is the 100% Green Powered Certified hosting company as determined by several web hosting review sites and the absolute certainty that the customer service people are some of the best qualified to assist you 24/7/365.

Just about any one of those above listed facts would allow you to seriously consider HostPapa hosting as your hosting company. Yet, they do not rest on the laurels of past experiences, no matter how good those are.  They will continue to innovate and have been in discussions with many of the mobile phone companies that are ready to roll out the goMobi service that will allow the web sites that you upload to be able to be viewed on the smart phones that just about everyone is using to surf the internet in this modern world.  This is being offered as well as other things that are on the horizon to increase your presence on the web and bring you the visitors that you need.  There will be other services for the mobile phone industry as time goes on.  That is what is called innovation.

The current features are the ones that are advertised on their web site and they are the same as most other hosting company’s sites except that they have the commitment to you and to the planet in the use of Green Energy Certified power.  That is something that they have gritted their teeth about and made sure that the extra cost they spend on this type of power does not get passed on to you in any way.  That is the commitment to you.

All of the features that are offered and included in the basic package are accessible from the easy to use cPanel platform.  This has been the most popular platform for most of the webmasters around and it ensures that the information that is needed to put your pages in the top of their niche are available in the way of tutorial videos and simple click to use interfaces.  Not only is there e-mail campaign management software, but also the program called Fantastico.  This suite of scripts will help you to make your web site the most interactive site in your niche and help you maintain the data that you need to keep everything on track as far as testing and tracking your results are concerned.

With unlimited storage and bandwidth, one free domain for life, all of the personal web site tools, free setup, several web site builders, scripts to build shopping cart-type sites, ability to install blogs, forums, discussion boards, PHP, CGI, FTP and MySQL scripts and the customer service that many reviewers call fantastic, how can you possibly not want to take HostPapa hosting seriously?

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