Help HostPapa Hosting “Green-Up” the Hosting Industry

With the ever increasing desire for individuals and businesses to help make this planet a little bit greener, you can help to do that with the simple expedient of choosing HostPapa hosting for your web site hosting company.  You can turn your web activities into a green energy power house by using this 100% Green Energy Certified hosting as your main domain carrier.  This Ontario, Canada based company was in the forefront of the green movement on the World Wide Web.

When you do think about being an energy conscious business owner, HostPapa hosting just makes the most sense for you.  They not only use less energy to power their servers, phones, fax machines and desk lighting, they cut down on the all important CO2 footprint.  The solar and wind produced power that they procure for energy that they use is more environmentally neutral than anything else and they have decided that they are going to do the responsible thing.

Just because they are environmentally friendly doesn’t mean they are going to be passing that extra cost on to you or skimp on the features that they provide to those that want to do their green part and sign on for the very reasonable prices they charge.  Basic packages start at less than $5.00 per month for an entire list of very flexible and versatile applications and scripting languages to make your web site make it to the top of your niche and all the programs that will help you analyze everything for full control.  Some of the features available for your use are:

  1. Free Set Up  (valued at $29.95)
  2. Unlimited Domain Names
  3. Unlimited Disc Space and Bandwidth
  4. Free Site Builder

Not mentioned is the Fantastico suite of scripts, the availability of PHP and CGI scripts.  These are the scripts that are so important to get all the very fantastic things on your web pages that keep people on them to fill out the form with their e-mails. They also provide you with a very good opportunity to get a 30 day free trial and if you don’t like it, they will send your money back.

Again, that doesn’t give you the whole picture, yet none of that does any good unless you can get a hold of them when you have a problem.  That is also where they excel.  They have a tremendous customer service department that is available by e-mail, phone or live chat.  They are available 24/7/365.  They want to welcome you in as a member of the family and when they do that, they have to talk to you, right?

You might be looking for a new hosting company right now.  You might be in the market for a hosting company for the first time.  Either way, take a good look at HostPapa hosting.  24/7/365 assistance, all the features that you need and several that you will need later, all the storage space you will probably ever need, a lot of free applications and scripts that are very cool that you will just have to have them right now.  Why look any further?

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