Why is HostPapa One of the Best Hosting Companies?

Industry reviewers are always coming up with different ways to decide what are the best this or the best that, so what are the things that these reviewers look at when they are comparing hosting companies and how does HostPapa hosting stack up to the rest?  The criteria that most of them use are:

  • Speed.  Since most of the hosting companies are shared server hosting firms, the number of servers available is a concern.  The smaller the number of servers, the more web sites each server has to host.  This will sometimes cause the web sites and blogs that you install to slow down.  This is not a good condition so the hosting companies are judged by the speed in which a test page that has been uploaded for this purpose, loads and operates when it is called on.  HostPapa hosting has some very good numbers in this regard.
  • Up-time or reliability.  There are hosting companies that do boast that they have up-time 99.99% of the time.  This is checked by very patient reviewers and they have found that a few of them do not hit this mark. However, because of the inevitable problems that always happens due to power fluctuations, transmitting errors and the infrequent things that just seem to go wrong that happens to us all.  HostPapa hosting is very high on the up-time scale.
  • Reputation.  The honest reviewers will look at all of the web hosting companies within the categories that they are dealing with, not just the most popular ones.    HostPapa hosting is relatively new to the industry. However, as an Ontario, Canada green company, they kind of fit into their own category.
  • Features.  Many hosting companies offer all kinds of things that you may not need.  That’s OK because you might need them some other time. However, are there the programs, applications and the scripts that you do need and are they fairly easy to use?  HostPapa hosting has all of the features that you need, such as cPanel, php scripts, CGI scripts.  You can easily set up blogs, forums and discussion boards.  The availability of the scripts that allow you to make your web pages the best in your niche are there, and yes there are some that you do not need yet.  The tutorial videos that are available will help you to know when it is time for some of these other very flexible apps.
  • Customer Support.  Yes, this is very tricky to evaluate, yet it must be done in some way.  It does depend on what customer service tech you get on the line and what time of day and also what the particular issue is. And, to a greater or lesser degree, how much you know about what you did and what you know about what you are trying to do.  Be honest.  HostPapa hosting has a very good record in having the best people on the phones or at the other end of an e-mail or forum thread so you can rest assured that they will assist you in the best way possible.

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