Why Should You Think Seriously About Using HostPapa Hosting?

There are many hosting companies out on the internet right now so why should you think about a relatively new company based in Ontario, Canada?  The answers are that the platforms that they use to get you on the internet, the price which starts at $3.95 for a 3 year plan, the fact that HostPapa is the 100% Green Powered Certified hosting company as determined by several web hosting review sites and the absolute certainty that the customer service people are some of the best qualified to assist you 24/7/365.

Just about any one of those above listed facts would allow you to seriously consider HostPapa hosting as your hosting company. Yet, they do not rest on the laurels of past experiences, no matter how good those are.  They will continue to innovate and have been in discussions with many of the mobile phone companies that are ready to roll out the goMobi service that will allow the web sites that you upload to be able to be viewed on the smart phones that just about everyone is using to surf the internet in this modern world.  This is being offered as well as other things that are on the horizon to increase your presence on the web and bring you the visitors that you need.  There will be other services for the mobile phone industry as time goes on.  That is what is called innovation.

The current features are the ones that are advertised on their web site and they are the same as most other hosting company’s sites except that they have the commitment to you and to the planet in the use of Green Energy Certified power.  That is something that they have gritted their teeth about and made sure that the extra cost they spend on this type of power does not get passed on to you in any way.  That is the commitment to you.

All of the features that are offered and included in the basic package are accessible from the easy to use cPanel platform.  This has been the most popular platform for most of the webmasters around and it ensures that the information that is needed to put your pages in the top of their niche are available in the way of tutorial videos and simple click to use interfaces.  Not only is there e-mail campaign management software, but also the program called Fantastico.  This suite of scripts will help you to make your web site the most interactive site in your niche and help you maintain the data that you need to keep everything on track as far as testing and tracking your results are concerned.

With unlimited storage and bandwidth, one free domain for life, all of the personal web site tools, free setup, several web site builders, scripts to build shopping cart-type sites, ability to install blogs, forums, discussion boards, PHP, CGI, FTP and MySQL scripts and the customer service that many reviewers call fantastic, how can you possibly not want to take HostPapa hosting seriously?

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